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What You Need To Know About USA-based Ugandan Singer Dev Kat

On a daily, the Ugandan entertainment industry gets blessed with new creatives who have produced good musical projects.

Today, we bring you USA-based Ugandan singer, songwriter, and performing artist David Katerega, better known by stage name Dev Kat.

Dev Kat is a father and an orphan who lost both his parents . He is being managed by Magic FM’s DJ Janny P the C.E.O Janny Media.

Speaking to Dev Kat in a brief Q&A session, disclosed to this website that he chose to do music reasoning that its something inborn.

Musically, he looks up to a number of artists who have been consistent in the game for quite some good time who include Jose Chameleone among others.

His passion for music is unmatched and on top of that, he plans returning home to hold a musical concert before the year ends.

He adds that he would like to hook up Sheebah Karungi for a collaboration and some other artists who have made great impacts on the Ugandan music industry.

When asked how he balances work with music while in the USA, he responded stating that when he works 40 hours a week, which is 4 days of a 10 hour shift, the rest of his time he dedicates it to music.

While disclosing what makes him different from the rest of the artists that we have in the music business, Dev Kat noted he is not different from the rest of musicians.

He adds that music to him is inspirational and he believes every musician is good. He adds he is only inspired to sing and that’s all.

All in all, Dev Kat is amazed by the support he receives both from home and in the USA and he is considering to changing from being a computer scientist to a fulltime musician.

He has songs like “senorita” and on Wednesday 18th/05/2022 he will be dropping something new with a magical Touch dubbed Hakuna Matata.

For more of his musical projects, one has to check through his YouTube Channel for much more.



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