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Whenever I listen to secular music I break down – Vicent Segawa

While appearing on Spark TV’s LiveWire show, Kadongo Kamu singer Vicent Segawa disclosed that he totally quit doing secular music to serve Allah since he converted to the Islamic religion.

In a lengthy interview that spanned more than five minutes, Vicent Segawa disclosed that whenever he listens to secular music, he breaks down.

He reasoned that secular music reminds him of the not-so-good things that he used to go through while still active in the showbiz industry.

In efforts to erase all such evil memories, the “Sisili” fame singer decided to invest his efforts in teaching the little ones the holy book of Moslems, Quaran, something that he is lately very proud of.

He further requested whoever still has his music in store, YouTube channel, and those at different radio and TV stations to delete all his music works.

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