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Whether Ssegirinya went to school or not he has to represent us in Parliament – Bad Black

City socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa, commonly known as Bad Black, is optimistic that incarnated MP-elect Muhammad Segirinya is eligible to represent the people of Kawempe South in parliament whether he went to school or not.

Bad Black backed Muhammad Segirinya while appearing in an interview on NBS TV’s UnCut show where she reasoned that the latter has qualified academic papers to represent Kawempe South in parliament.

The mother four went on to blast Segirinya’s accuser Sulaimani Kidandala who dragged him to courts of law describing him as a “stupid” person who is just looking for fame and his other personal interests.

Bad Black furthermore noted how she doesn’t care whether Segirinya is educated or not stressed how she wants to him in parliament represent them.

Segirinya went to school and he has academic papers, we even saw one of his school time photos on social media last night, so Kidandala is just stupid. Segirinya was voted by people whether he went to school or not he has to represent us in Parliament.

Bad Black

As of now, Muhammad Segirinya was yesterday remanded to Kityala prison on charges of inciting violence after he was arrested on Monday for leading a peaceful protest in demand to set free all the National Unity Platform political prisoners who were arrested during elections.

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