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Who are those 20 men I’ve been married to? – Zari Hassan querries critics

SA-based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan is not happy with critics who have been accusing her of getting married to a series of different men.

The mother of five cleared the air saying she has only been married once in her entire life time.

She went on to challenge her critics by asking them to name the 20 men she has ever been married to. She then maintained that she has only been to one Kwanjula.

Which are those twenty weddings that you keep talking about? Who are these people? I’ve only been to one Kwanjula. Which are all the other weddings you talk about?

Zari Hassan

She then scoffed at her critics stating that some who accuse her are stuck with bad luck and have no one to ask them to a date. She then vowed to live her life as she wishes.

I’ve only been married once… Some of you are there stuck in life with bad luck, you don’t even have someone asking you out on a coffee date… I won’t stop living my life because they will talk…” – Zari the bosslady is not happy at all with being judged

Zari Hassan

Zari hit back at her critics through a video online following the recent photos that went viral which many took to be Kukyala ceremony that she held secretly before she cleared how it was just a video shoot for an upcoming gospel music video.


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