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Why Dr. Hajat Kulthum Gumisiriza Backed Down On Dragging Bad Black To Court

Around June, Dr. Hajat Kulthum Nabunya and her hubby Akram Gumisiriza were involved in a heated exchange of words with socialite Bad Black, born Shanitah Namuyimbwa.

The verbal exchange of words saw Hajat Kulthum and her hubby Akram drag Bad Black to the police (Kampala Central Police Station CPS) on charges of vulgarly insulting them.

Somehow, the case went silent without revealing what happened between the parties following Dr. Akram making vows of how he was ready to sue the socialite.

Speaking in a phone interview on Sanyuka TV’s UnCut show, Dr. Hajat Kulthum disclosed that she felt sorry for Bad Black and gave her.

She furthermore reasoned that when heard that Bad Black had fled the country because of the charges they had put on her, being a mom, she thought about her kids and wondered who would take care of her children when she is the run.

Thus she decide to chill her and gave her.

“I felt pity and sorry for Bad Black when I heard that she had fled the country. As a mother, I wondered who she had left to take care of her kids. so I decided to chill her case file”, Hajat Kulthum

Since then, Bad Black has been quite disciplined and it is totally hard to find her in wars as she usually used to do.



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