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Why Irene Ntale Turned Down Showing Up At Vinka’s Video Shoot

Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale broke the silence about why she declined to show up at Vinka’s first video shoot.

The video that Ms. Ntale declined to show face was for a song that the two had recorded way back when they were still close and working together at Swangz Avenue.

In her turning down to show face, Ntale was having several issues not going down well with her.

The song that the pair did together is dubbed “Stylo”. However, when the time for the video shoot reached, Ntale seemed disinterested.

When Ntale refused to show up for their song video shoot, Vinka almost broke down to tears questioning why her close associate would do her such a thing.

When Ntale finally showed up, she didn’t complete the video shoot as she had a terrible attitude.

“Eh… My friend came with an attitude… and I didn’t know why… My friend came with an attitude… At the time of my video shoot, she had already started changing and I didn’t know why.

“… she is refusing outfits they’re giving her… I got emotional… During the shooting, Irene decided to leave the set, and she left… She threw a tantrum and left… I cried at the shoot,” Vinka said then.

When they asked if she ever did anything wrong to her fellow singer, Vinka said that she didn’t. Up to now, Vinka doesn’t know what happened between them.

Well, Ntale was asked by a fan via a Q&A session on X. She said that these are allegations and they should just be treated as that. She didn’t labor to provide more details about what could have gone wrong.

Additionally, she said that life was blissful in Swangz Avenue till she wanted

more for herself. It’s when that hell broke loose. Eventually, the Sembeera singer left and she has never been the same.

Swangz Avenue has some of the best singers now such as Vinka, Elijah Kitaka, Winnie Nwagi, and Azawi. For Ntale, one has to check the archives to know what a talent she was.


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