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Why Yese Oman Rafiki Wasn’t Invited To Vivian Tendo’s Wedding

For the first time, Singer and Songwriter Yese Oman Rafiki opened up about his fallout with Vivian Tendo.

The two parted ways on a very bitter note that involved threats that forced Tendo to run to the public seeking help.

To cut a long story short, In July, Vivian Tendo had a beautiful wedding with her fiancé, Pastor Moses Waiswa Tinsley.

It was a small, cozy affair, with just close friends and family, and it took place on a stunning sandy beach in Mombasa.

Before this exciting day, the couple had a traditional introduction ceremony at Vivian Tendo’s family home in Kiwumu, Kalambi–Buloba, which is along Mityana Road.

Interestingly, Vivian’s former manager, Yese Oman Rafiki, who used to work with Route Entertainment and introduced her to the music scene, was noticeably absent from the wedding.

In a TV interview, when Yese Oman Rafiki was asked why he was a no-show at Tendo’s martial ceremonies, explained that he is not a person who attends functions.

He added that over the years, he has missed many functions adding that he is pretty okay with it.

“I’m really busy with my current projects, and besides, they didn’t invite me, which is totally fine.”

Yese Oman Rafiki’s fallout with Vivian Tendo saw him take a break from his activities as he was reportedly checked into a mental health facility to recover from the shock the youthful singer had left him in.


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