Home News Winnie Nwagi elated following renewal of her passport

Winnie Nwagi elated following renewal of her passport

Swangz Avenue singer Winfred Nakanwagi, better known by the stage name Winnie Nwagi, is beaming with joy following the renewal of her passport.

The positive news comes in just days after she was bounced by security from the Ministry of Internal Affairs from accessing the office over the indecent dressing.

The overwhelmed singer through a Snapchat video showed off her passport book fully stamped as she bragged before those who thought she wasn’t going to receive her passport booklet in time

She then wrote on the post saying she is a “Blessed child of God indeed”. 

Very soon, she will be traveling out of the country for a musical show.

When  Winnie Nwagi was asked why she had gone to the Internal Affairs Ministry the way she was dressed, she saying she had the plan to go to the gym but then came an abrupt mission of going to the ministry, adding she didn’t deliberately pick indecent clothes.


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