Home Gossip Winnie Nwagi Expresses Deep Dissatisfaction With Her Hairstylist

Winnie Nwagi Expresses Deep Dissatisfaction With Her Hairstylist

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi is unhappy with one of her hairstylists.

Based on a Snapchat post on her handle she expressed how she was unpleased with the kind of hair she had been plaited.

Captioning the photos depicting her preferred hairstyle, Winnie Nwagi cynically questioned the worthiness of remunerating the service provider, before she conveyed her dissatisfaction towards the subpar services rendered within Uganda.

Known for her impeccable style and glamorous looks, Nwagi has always been meticulous about her appearance. However, her recent experience with the hair stylist whose brand remained concealed, left her feeling frustrated and let down.

Winnie Nwagi expected that paying a substantial fee for a service should guarantee a certain level of quality and expertise.

However, she felt that the hair stylist failed to deliver on these expectations, leaving her feeling dissatisfied and disheartened.


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