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Winnie Nwagi’s dad wants her not to extend contract with Swangz Avenue

Winnie Nwagi’s dad, Mr. Henry Kabiito wants her daughter not to extend her contract at Swangz Avenue if the current one runs out.

Mr. Henry Kabiito shared his thoughts about her daughter’s contract at Swangz saying he loves it but wishes her the best if she doesn’t extend it saying that everything has an end.

What I wish for Winnie Nwagi if the lockdown ends is that she doesn’t renew her contract at Swagnz Avenue though I love the one she signed sometime back because everything has an end.

I talked to her about plan B if at all music fails or if they don’t return to stage.

Henry Kabiito

The reason he gave for wishing Nwagi not to extend her contract with Swangz Avenue is due to the fact that the record label bosses turned down an endorsement deal that he had struck with Nice Curry Food Powder which Nwagi was going to be the face of the brand worth Shs25M.

When they fell out with Nwagi’s bosses, the two held talks discussing that he becomes his manager but Nwagi declined the offer saying Swangz is giving her a better package.

He went on to state that since he has a wide social capital base, he is optimistic that he can strike better deals for her daughter to live a much happier life.

While in an interview, he pleaded to the President to at least create some space where artists can entertain their fans saying he misses clubbing something which has contributed to his not growing old.


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