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Ykee Benda Unhappy With Disrespectful Fans For Comparing Him To Azawi

Mpaka Records boss Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda is unhappy with a section of critics who are making comparisons between him and Swangz Avenue’s songster Azawi.

The Mpaka boss expressed his dismay with the comparisons following music fans/lovers requesting him to emulate Azawi in terms of staging concerts.

Azawi recently had a successful concert at Kampala Serena Hotel, which marked her second major concert since she entered the music industry in 2019.

Frustrated Ykee Benda took to social media to urge fans to appreciate Azawi without disrespecting him or anyone else.

He went ahead to remind the fans that he runs one of the biggest music record labels in the true sense of the word Record Label rather than gangs as most artists do.

“The biggest killer of happiness and purpose is comparison …. You can give @AzawiOfficial her flowers without disrespecting anyone. With that said ….now take a minute and ask yourself what are you doing abt your life son/dota? I run the second biggest music label in the country … Key word here is “I RUN” and am talking abt music label in the real sense of the word not bino ebya gang hahah…. Pliz respect !,” he posted.

Ykee Benda is one of the most talented musicians in the land and his music prowess is undoubtedly top-notch.


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