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You loved me without any hypocrisy – Martin Beta to Eddy Kenzo

Just yesterday, we ran a story when a critic only identified Gary accused Eddy Kenzo of gifting his manager, Martin Beta Muhumuza a car that was in a poor mechanic condition on his wedding.

According to the critic, the wheels that Eddy Kenzo gifted his manager needed to be checked into the garage for repair before he could cruise it on the streets of Kampala after allegedly being grounded for several months at Kenzo’s home in Seguku.

Despite all the allegations, manager Martin Beta Muhumuza came out and heaped praise upon his long time friend-turned-brother Eddy Kenzo thanking him of having never let him down either in trying moments or in days of happiness.

Martin Beta went ahead to thank Eddy Kenzo saying he has been real from the day they met adding how he has loved him without any hypocrisy.

Let me start with appreciating this table of my Brothers.

Eddy Kenzo You are real from the day we met, you have loved me without any hypocrisy, I thank you and pray that God keeps you for many years of success and victory tukaddiwe ffenna tulyejjukanya nga tuli ku farm tuzanyamu ka chess

Martin Beta Muhumuza


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