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You said the kids ain’t mine, Don’t use social media to fight my brand – Geosteady to Prima

Since the weekend began, words have been flying around concerning Geosteady and ex-lover Prima Kadarshi.
Prima Kadarshi kicked off the exchange as she was responding to her critics who were bashing her for denying her baby daddy chance to meet his kids.
In a video that Prima recorded on her online platforms, she claimed how Geosteady is a dead beat dad who doesn’t take care and provide for his children even a single grain.
The tough messages that Prima sent out to Geosteady stung him hard till he decided to break silence about their bitter break-up.
In Geosteady’s statements, he claimed that Prima Kadarshi face-to-face told him how the children don’t belong to him something that he took seriously.
 You said in my face those kids ain’t mine that even if they die I shouldn’t come for burial ( I have the recordings ) despite I’ve never done a DNA test for them and I guess you were right.
If you need support call/text and if you don’t want stay in your happy life. Stop using media and stop fighting my brand at least I’ve done so much bad but the good has also added value to you.
The problem isn’t the Kids, it isn’t the support but it’s with you talking too much.


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