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You’ll see me everywhere I choose to go wearing my beautiful African-made Umoja flip-flops – Angella Katatumba

Renown Black Market Records vocalist Angella Katatumba has lashed out at her critics and assured them that she will gladly wear her African-made Umoja flip-flops everywhere she chooses to go.

Angella Katatumba gave her assurance after she came across a story on an online website that had published a heading stating how she was bounced from accessing Buganda Road Court premises because she was wearing a pair of Umoja flip-flops sometime back when her brother was arrested.

In her defense, Katatumba explained that she wasn’t bounced from accessing the court premises but was only pleading with police to allow her to park her car in the parking lot for just a few minutes so that she could pick some documents from the reception and left immediately since she wasn’t attending any court session.

She then wondered why do people criticize her for promoting the African-made flip-flops but instead they just criticize and belittle the brand.

As concluded her post, she begged the Umoja rubber products limited company to appoint her as their ambassador so that could promote the brand.

My dears, there is a very big difference between being in a court session in front of a Judge, Magistrate, or Registrar, hearing one’s case, in a FORMAL SETTING and being on the general court premises.

That day, I went to Buganda Road court to pick up some documents from the reception and left immediately…and YES, since I was not attending a court session, I was wearing my favorite Umoja flip-flops…so what?

I hear I was even bounced…lol…from where? From the parking, where I was asking the police to allow my car to park, for just a few minutes?🙄

Wabula Ugandans! Instead of promoting your African-made footwear, you’re the very ones belittling, reducing, and undermining them to ONLY bathroom flip-flops. FYI, flip flops can also be worn casually in, INFORMAL SETTINGS.

Abroad where people are generally more exposed, wearing flip-flops outside is not even an issue, NOBODY CARES. That’s why you’ll see tourists in Africa moving around, enjoying our flip-flops.

My Umoja flip flops have traveled with me around the world, where they are instead complimented. But come to Africa, specifically Uganda, where a number of simple-minded people, are so busy focused on irrelevant matters and hate promoting their African products.

Temunaba! You’ll see me everywhere I choose to go, with my extremely comfortable and beautiful African-made, Umoja flip flops, as you learn to mind your business.

In fact @umojarubberproductsltd come and pay me to promote

Angella Katatumba


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