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Young girls looking up to me take your time before getting into relationships – Sheebah

Team No Sleep sweetheart Sheebah Samali Karungi has advised all the youthful girls looking up to her to go slow about getting involved in relationships if they want to become successful in life.

The “Enyanda” singer cautioned the youths as she was tipping them on the two choices that independent women always choose to take in life.

According to her, a woman either gets a partner who is very supportive, loving, and respectful, or she doesn’t get a partner at all.

She goes on to tip the youths with some love advice saying if any of them finds herself in a wrong relationship, she should hope out of it as soon as possible before it turns out to be toxic and avoid wasting time in it.

Sheebah adds that it is very okay for one to be alone for some time so that the heart can heal and also get to understand what went wrong before getting into another relationship.

Below is her full piece of advice to those who look up to Sheebah.

Independent women really got 2 choices: A partner that’s very supportive, Loving & respectful, or no partner at all.

To all the young girls/ladies that look up to me, Please take your time. If you end up in a wrong relationship (which is normal ) get out as soon as you realize it’s not for you instead of wasting your precious time.

And when you end a relationship, it’s okay to be alone for some time so that you heal first, understand what went wrong with the previous relationship before jumping into another one because you won’t get different results repeating the same mistakes. Don’t be scared of being alone. It’s actually a good thing most especially if you are still young and just starting building your life.

Work on bettering yourself as a person and pray for the kind of person you deserve. There’s a perfect partner for each & every one of us, trust me but… you need to love & understand yourself first before you expect It from someone else. Some of you misunderstand some of my advice but I know some of you understand it. Love & Light Always.

Sheebah Karungi


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