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You’re going to sweat plasm in court – Pastor Martin Ssempa to Bugingo

Pastor Martin Ssempa has warned Pastor Aloysius Bugingo by openly telling him that he is going to sweat plasm while in court.

Martin Ssempa sent the stern warning to Bugingo having watched a clip of his shedding tears on the pulpit last Sunday seeming to be repenting over sins he committed.

Without mincing in his words, Pastor Ssempa laughed out loud at Bugingo noting that the tears he shed on the pulpit where just crocodile tears which where uncalled for stating that he committed his bigamy marriage mistakes knowingly.

He further threw shed at Bugingo stressing that they don’t need to see his tears on the pulpit but want to see him act as he advised him to pack a few of his belongings from Susan Makula’s pad in Kyebando and return to his first wife Teddy Naluswa’s home in Kitende, Entebbe.

Pastor Ssempa sent the striking remarks to Bugingo during an interview on BBS Telefayina.

“I saw Pastor Bugingo pretending to be crying the past Sunday while on the pulpit seemingly he was repenting. Those are just crocodile tears. We don’t need tears on the pulpit where you have been caressing and getting cozy with your wife Susan Makula.

We only need you to act. Acting is repenting but not singing on stage or shedding crocodile tears. Collect a few of your belongings and some sauce pans and wave goodbye to Makula and return to Kitende on your knees while repenting for committing fornication before Teddy Naluswa.

Start walking on foot from Kyebando to Kitenda while singing that adulatory is bad and evil. These claims you’re making that you’re suffering is just the beginning of your woes.

Personally, am waiting for you in court come 21st January. We advised you to repent but you didn’t heed to our pleas so just wait for your baptism of fire.

You’re going to sweat plasm in court very soon”, stated Pastor Ssempa

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