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Yung Mulo And Mesach Semakula’s Team Nearly Clashed At Clever J’s Concert | VIDEO

Musician Yung Mulo and Mesach Semakula’s team nearly clashed while on stage at ”The Return Of Clever J’’ concert.

The scuffle between the two teams went down following a miscommunication that was made between Mikie Wine and the emcee of the night.

As Mikie Wine left the stage, he called out Yung Mulo’s name, announcing him as the next performer to take to the stage.

However, the emcee of the night also announced Mesach Semakula as the next performer as well.

So, a scuffle between the two artists’ teams happened at the deejay’s box as they appeared to exchange blows with one another.

In the meantime, the sound was switched off and Mesach Semakula who had already hit the stage opted to step aside but the emcee held him and asked him to stay as security did the best to get Yung Mulo’s team off the stage.

The situation was brought back to sanity when Yung Mulo quickly ascended the stage, ordering his crew members to back off letting Mesach perform before him.


Mesach then performed two songs and left the stage for Yung Mulo in a brotherly way without pulling ropes.

Yung Mulo also performed and apologized for the miscommunication brought about by the emcee.


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