Home Gossip Yung Mulo announces change of stage name to ‘COVID’

Yung Mulo announces change of stage name to ‘COVID’

Former Leone Island Music Empire Dancehall singer Yung Mulo, born Kassim Lubega, has publicly announced the change of his stage name to ‘COVID’.

The “Tebakusobola” fame singer requested his followers to call him COVID during an interview on a radio talk show he was hosted recently.

With effect from today. Please call me COVID.

Yung Mulo

He further explained that he is at the moment fed up of being called Yung Mulo and thinks a new name will come with new beginnings .

However, after the revelation, the singer never changed to the new name (COVID) on this social media handles.

Yung Mulo also added that quarantine is something that has been hard to handle during the COVID-19 pandemic period.


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