Home Music News Zani Lady-c shares visuals for her latest single “Nzembiteleza”

Zani Lady-c shares visuals for her latest single “Nzembiteleza”

Singer Zani Lady-c, real name Susan Basemera, has shared the visuals for her latest new track dubbed “Nzembiteleza”.

“Nzembiteleza” is a Luganda word that is translated to mean “I Sort It Out/ I Correct It”. The song is a love jam whereby Zani Lady-c promises to provide her lover with whatever he needs.

She goes on to sing how one of her friends sent her a box of chocolate that she turned down and ordered his friend to take it other ladies noting that she is fed up with fake dudes.

She expresses that she dearly loves her guy to the extent that she can’t afford to hurt him because her love is true and pure.

Watching the video, Zani Lady-c’s video vixens exhibit true love acting skills as they match according to the lyrics of the song.

The audio was producer Brian Beats whereas the video was shot and directed by Lady Zani-c film crew. Take a gaze at the visuals below.


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