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Blessed Aggie Vows To Stick To Her Lover In “Nsudde Enanga” Song

Blessed Agie

Uprising singer Blessed Aggie shared the visuals to her love single dubbed “Nsudde Enanga” on which she vows to stick to her partner through any kind of situation that they might face.

The visuals shot and directed by DayLightFilm, immediately start with someone preparing kachumbari and go on to reveal Blessed Aggie sited close to the cooking place singing while on a phone call.

The audio recorded by Diggy Buar at Mwoto Sounds then commences with Aggie belting sweet love lyrics as she pours her heart out to her loved one.

She goes on to sweetly describe her lover as the only light that shines brightly when in darkness. Not only does she stop at that, further asserts that even when canned, she can’t leave her partner for anybody else.

The video is highly exciting and amazing to watch based on the art and creativity that was given to it. Take a gaze;

Blessed Aggie is a very promising recording artist who only needs to hone her craft and the rest will become history.

She is a young talent that many are yet to know but those who have had the opportunity to listen to her music can testify that she is a work in progress and the team behind her is elated to have such a determined and dedicated talent in her.

She has been doing music since her schooling days and was in the Church choir for several years where she has been practicing music. She is good in the live band and those who have had a chance to see her perform live can attest.