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Pia Pounds begs Rema Namakula for collaboration, says song would boost her career


Former Big Talent Entertainment singer Tracy Kirabo, better known as Pia Pounds, has expressed her love and admiration for Rema Namakula, begging for a collaboration song.

Pia Pounds explains that she has been a fan of Rema Namakula since her first song and admires her lifestyle and music career. She believes that a collaboration with Rema Namakula would be a major boost to her music career and believes the song would be successful on all music platforms.

She went ahead to heap praise upon Rema Namakula saying according to her she is an inspiration and a legend adding that if she happened to bless her with a collabo, she would not even greet people.

“I have been a fan of Rema Namakula since her very first song and I used to admire her and I still do. I admire her voice, the way she does her things and how her music career has moved on. So to me, she is an inspiration and legend. If she happened to give me a collaboration, I could even not greet people. Yes, I admire Rema and I’m begging for a collaboration. I’m hopeful that if she gave me a collaboration, it would be so huge. Mukyala Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, I beg a collaboration please”, Pia POUNDS.

Pia Pounds loves big rides and riding motorcycles
Pia Pounds

Pia Pounds also explains why she left the Big Talent Music label led by Eddy Kenzo saying it was due to allegations of dating the label boss.

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She further added that though she left the camp, Eddy Kenzo has often continued to support her whenever she needs a hand to lean on.

Pia Pounds looks forward to growing her music career to a greater scale and also inspiring the young generation who want to join the music industry.

She recently appeared in an interview where she explained that she almost sold off her house property due to accumulated rent arrears that accumulated during the lockdown period.

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