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Rapper Stunna TNG Upsurge To Boss Rap Music Is Pretty Exciting


Originating from the sandy coast of Mombasa, Kenya, and starting from the sandy dunes of Abu Dhabi, UAE where he is currently based, rapper, songwriter, and artist professionally known as Stunna TNG is dedicated to pushing boundaries.

Born Omar Salah Omar a.k.a Stunna TNG, is widely considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Stunna’s early oeuvre is equal parts electrifying and captivating with each track carefully crafted to transport listeners through his rap world that serves as the backdrop of his lifelong excursion carving new sounds in Hip Hop and enjoying his enviable career.

The son of a live band musician Salah Omar, Stunna TNG has released three consecutive albums under Bosslady Productions.

Building success from his previously released tracks, he is thrilled to announce his upcoming album which promises to expand his riveting narratives.

Stuuna TNG with his manager

He has proven throughout to be a dominating artist in challenges & rap battles with his latest performance at Bred Festival, Abu Dhabi.

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He has previously performed at an artist showcase in Dubai – Cafe Kkai. He was featured In London Le Blanc Magazine and other online magazines.

He has delivered remixes for mainstream artists like Jim Jones & Joyner Lucas and has worked with his hometown artists Double Trouble, Young Nc & Ayo Benjamin.