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Audio ALERT| Soulchild Tanice Drops Uplifting Hit Single “Give Praises”


Recording and performing Singer-Songwriter, Tanice Morrison, who goes by the stage name ‘Soulchild Tanice’ is no stranger to the entertainment industry.

She has been in the entertainment sector for more than 19 years since she decided to take the entertainment journey.

Soulchild Tanice boasts of one studio album and several remarkable singles under her ‘belt’.

She exudes grace and wisdom far beyond her years and she is a hard worker, whose relentlessness and persistency have earned her respect and fans from across the globe.

Tanice’s music infuses contemporary reggae and world-beat music; creating a unique style of uplifting, soulful music and a vocal range that will leave you mesmerized.

This time around she returns with a fresh jam titled “Give Praises” as she pours out her heart to God in a beautiful reggae version that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check out the amazing version of her jam below;


“100% Jamaican, born and bred”

The Kingston-born singer was raised in the parish of  St. Ann, home of the legendary Bob Marley.

She was influenced by music at a very young age, thanks to her mother who was an aspiring singer then.

Her role-models included the likes of ‘timeless artistes’ such as Diana King, J.C. Lodge, Marcia Griffiths,

Garnett Silk, Whitney Houston,

Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey,Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin.

She first found her ‘voice’, when she was asked to sing a song by Whitney Houston at her school’s concert, by her classmates. Right then her passion for music grew even more and began to flourish.

Although she wanted to embark upon a musical journey, life took a turn for her and she ended up

pursuing a career in teaching.To prove her dedication to her music,Tanice was relentless and continued to

purse her musical path, balancing both careers despite the challenges.


The singer has collaborated with both local and international producers and have co-produced most of her music.

Her music speaks to the authenticity of life’s experiences, love tales and everyday happenings.

Some of her own original songs includes “Let it Flow released in 2016-a collaboration with Austrian producers,

Paul Zasky.

‘My Caribbean Boy’ released in 2019 a collaboration with producer Demar ‘Keysie’ Gayle-

a blend of modern Afro-dance flavor and captivating lyrics.

 This soulful artiste continues to hone her ‘craft’ and make good music for her fans.

Her new inspirational single ‘Give Praises’ -another collaborative project,

with local producer Alex Martin-Blanken and half-brother, Joel Walters, who played on bass.

‘Give Praises’ is scheduled to release in October 2023 on Spotify and other musical digital platforms worldwide.