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Phoebe K’s Hubby Nzorah Sheds Tears As The Couple Ties Knot

Phoebe K and hubby Nzorah

Saturday 11th of May, will from today onwards be a day that Phoebe Kwikiriza, a.k.a Phoebe K, a presenter on Bukedde TV’s “Luyimba Lwo” show be celebrating after she took holy matrimonial vows with her lover Mr. Nzorah. 

The two love birds had dated for some time and decided to make their relationship official when they decided to hold traditional customary ceremonies (Kukyala and Kwanjula) that were held a few weeks back. 

The ceremonies were colorful and full of glitz and glamour based on the videos and photos that were shared online and those who were present at the two functions were impressed by the organization the two lovers showed. 

Without wasting much time, Phoebe K beamed with excitement as she celebrated her wedding day by thanking the Lord for having brought them thus this far and enabling her to marry the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

During their Church ceremony as they headed to tie the knot, Phoebe K’s hubby broke down to tears of joy in his sheds as he was filmed trying to clear the tears that were rolling down from his eyes to cheeks. 

The couple is at the moment at the reception where they have invited their guests to join them as they celebrate the holy matrimonial union that will see them live together for the rest of their lives either through thick or thin if nothing ever separates them. 

Phoebe K and her hubby Nzorah are now remaining with giving birth to children as they will look to expand their family.

During one of her traditional ceremonies, she was rumored to be pregnant since some critics observed a bulge around her tummy and were quick to speculate. 

Take a gaze at the photos of their ceremony; 

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