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Hatmah Nalugwa Reveals She Quit Anchoring To Create Space For Young Journalists

Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya
Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya

NBS television news anchor Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya Ssekaya has explained why she is no longer a regular face on our screens lately.

She revealed that she decided to quit news anchoring to create space and room for the new generations to take part in nurturing their talents.

She said she is now a news producer and will never be a news anchor ever again.

Hatima Nalugwa Ssekaya has been a news anchor for 17 years. She said she is still good at it but she doesn’t think she can carry on.

Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya smiling at the gift of love being presented to her
Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya

She noted that Makerere University and other universities produce graduates every year and wondered if she stayed for more than 17 years on set where would those talented young ones go because people are refusing to resign?

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She added that other young talented journalists are even better than her. She would love to see them in the newsroom doing what she was doing.

I have been in the newsroom for 17 years and I think this is the right time for me to take a step back. People will not be seeing me on Television ever again. I am now a news producer and that is what I am focusing on until I retire. I want to give the young people a chance to also be in the newsroom,” she said.

It should be remembered that Ruk-Shana Namuyimbwa, a renowned news anchor also recently threw in the towel.

She left to concentrate on her other personal projects. She had been in the newsroom for about 20 years before quitting.

Before joining the Naguru-based NBS Television, Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya first worked at the UBC and later relocated to Serena Hotel-based NTV working as a Luganda news anchor which is under Aga Khan’s Nation media brands.

She later quit the job and resorted to her businesses which include being a chef and w