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Omega 256 Talks Suffering Depression and Joining Illuminati

Omega 256 with a killer smile
Omega 256 with a killer smile

Fast-rising singer Shamim Murerwa, popularly known as Omega 256, opened up about how she sometime back suffered from depression.

She explained that she even reached a moment of joining the secret satanic cult of the Illuminati group to end her suffering.

All these came about after she happened to be in a very toxic relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic where she was being mistreated but had no way out by then.

When the travel restrictions were eased, Omega 256 quickly relocated to Kampala. Arriving in, Kampala, things weren’t as easy as she thought they would be.

She started living with a friend whose mother only provided them with breakfast. They sometimes went hungry with no money to buy lunch and supper.

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With all these, she lost her passion for music and sank further into depression. This is because she was also healing from the previous relationship. So, when a friend approached her with the idea of joining the Illuminati, she didn’t think twice as she contacted the number.

”I reached a point where I felt depressed and even lost my passion for music. With no money and still reeling from a previous heartbreak, a friend approached me with an offer to join the Illuminati. Feeling desperate and intrigued, I contacted the number provided” -Omega 256

Fortunately, all this is in the past as she’s now easily the best female artist from western Uganda. No wonder she calls herself Queen of the West.

She has since advised fellow ladies in toxic relationships to ditch them and start new lives.