Home News My father inspired me to have six wives – Ssalongo Bucha Man

My father inspired me to have six wives – Ssalongo Bucha Man


Former Firebase singer-turned-presidential Ghetto Envoy Mark Bugembe alias Bucha Man disclosed that his dad inspired him to have six wives.

Speaking in an interview, Bucha Man revealed that having grown up in an extended family of about more than 45 children, the one lesson he learned from his dad is to have more than one wife since his father had six.

From that point, he notes that his dad is the reason he has more than one wife. He adds that since he comes from a country that has plenty of land, he finds no problem with having many children since it is a pride to have many babies and six wives.

Since there is plenty of land, he is confident that his children will use the land to cultivate their food since they labor themselves.

He adds that his wives know about each other and he used the opportunity to brag that he can provide for all his six wives and satisfy them in the bedroom matter comfortably adding that he is a stamina daddy.

On balancing his time with his wife’s time, he responded by saying he juggles them based on how he travels since his wives are dispatched to different areas.

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He used the opportunity to reveal to the public that he is a Dad to a set of twins birthed by his wife who is based in South Sudan. He explained that he usually visits when he travels to perform in Northern Uganda and whenever he is on that side, he sleeps with the mother of his twins. He adds that when he is in Sudan, he doesn’t sleep in hotels or motels as he sleeps at his wife’s home in peace.

While in Kenya, he added that he is interested in having another wife in Kibera, Kenya as he bragged about having hectares of land.

“I can satisfy all their needs and bedroom matters comfortably. I’m a stamina daddy”, Bucha Man.

When asked about the challenges he has so far in life is carrying out DNA tests all the time since he is often giving birth to different wives so he has to confirm whether the children belong to him.