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Zahara Totto Regrets Giving Birth At An Early Age


Media personality DJ Zahara Totto, born Zahara Nalumansi, and former member of the girl group Obsessions regrets giving birth at an early age.

Speaking in an interview, Zahara said it was a mistake to give birth at an early stage and noted that if she could reverse time, she would not do so.

She thus cautioned young girls against giving birth at a tender age tipping them to always stay focused and enjoy life while they still can.

She advised all young girls out there to take their time and not rush into marriage. She asserted to them not to rush marriage because the perfect man to marry will always be there.

Additionally, she said that many girls rush into giving birth thinking that this will tie the man down.

However, the instant you get pregnant is the day you get to know the real colors of the man. She stated that some women have been dumped for getting pregnant.

The Uncut presenter categorically said that men subject women to psychological torture when pregnant. They dump the women and let them shoulder the burdens of the baby alone.

Therefore, women should go slow, analyze, and make the right choices. They can always get married and give birth at any age but with the right man.

Besides, she said that when a woman skips a stage in life, it always catches up with them. When young, they are always sleeping around with mature men instead of their age mates. And when they grow old, they start flirting around with young men because they missed that stage.

“Many women have been dumped by men the moment they get married. They have to toggle the pregnancy challenges alone. Men make us go through a lot mentally. So girls take your time and the right man will find you. Besides, skipping stages in life will always catch up with you. That’s why you see some women in their old age flirting around with young boys. When they were supposed to be dating their age mates, they happened to be going out with older men,” she said.

It should be noted that Zahara Totto has four children. The whereabouts of her baby daddy are unknown. In the past few years, she’s dated several men but all have ended up in disappointment.