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(Video) Spice Diana stuns mom with Toyota- Spacio car keys gift in snap recording

Spice Diana and her mother having a light moment

Source Management singer Hajjara Namukwaya, popularly known as Spice Diana, surprised her mother by gifting her with car keys during a Snapchat recording.

It all started when the “Omusheshe” crooner who was chilling on her couch, called upon her mother who was busy preparing lunch to join her on a Snap recording.

Her mom did not hesitate and she joined her by her side. She then told her mom how she had something to gift her with and the mom immediately asked what it was.

In a quick response, Spice Diana pulled out car keys and flashed them in the face of her mom, who was surprised, held them, and later dropped them like a hot potato from her hands to the floor in disbelief.

She also knelt and covered her face with both her hands as she couldn’t hold the excitement that her daughter had treated her to. She further went on to take videos of her ride as she posed inside and outside of the vehicle.

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The car that Spice Diana blessed her mother with, is a Toyota- Spacio that goes with the registration number UAW 647 P.

Spice Diana has been known for showering her mother with love and providing her with various gifts and she continues to do the same whenever she lands the opportunity to bless her with anything good.

So far we are not sure whether her mother knows how to drive but if she doesn’t know, she will be enrolled in a driving school and get a few lessons and a driving permit a few months from now.

Congratulations to Spice Diana’s mom!