Home News TikToker Pressure 24/7 Granted Cash Bail By Court

TikToker Pressure 24/7 Granted Cash Bail By Court

TikToker Pressure 24/7 granted cash bail

Controversial TikToker Ibrahim Musana, commonly known as Pressure 24/7, has been granted a cash bail by court today. He has been granted a cash bail of Shs2m.

The bail comes after several failed attempts to seek bail by the 27-year-old content creator following the fact that the court has repeatedly turned down the individuals he always presented as his sureties.

He was arrested, charged, and detained for using hate speech and abusive language on the micro-social media platform TikTok when he insulted President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II and other high-profile officials in the country in February.

Pressure 24/7 has been granted bail by the Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi- after he ordered a cash deposit of Shs2m and non-cash bonds of Shs 20m from each two sureties – after being detained for more than 60 days without trial.

On this occasion, his two aunties stood as his sureties, and his bail was confirmed since they possessed the required documentation by the court. He has been, subsequently, warned against using hate speech and abusive language while using the micro social media TikTok platform and also ordered to surrender his passport. If he commits this same offense again, the bail would be overturned and remanded to prison.

It should be recalled that the first time Pressure 24/7 was told to plead to the charges, he threw the court into a frenzy when he claimed that he was psychologically challenged and therefore got admitted to Butabika Mental Hospital.

In that same Court hearing session, he told the court that he was possessed by the spirits of the fallen Kabakas of Buganda, who had ordered him to repair the Kasubi tombs yet he did not have the financial capacity to do so.

Since he is out on bail, we hope Pressure 24/7 will never commit the same offense having tested how tough it is to be behind bars for more than 60 days. He will be returning to the Court on 28th May for another court session.
His colleagues on TikTok are willing to welcome him by throwing him a bash very soon.