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Spice Diana opens up on forcible intercourse at school

Spice Diana during a function

Growing up, life wasn’t easy at all for singer Hajara Namukwaya alias Spice Diana as she faced lots of hardships together with her family.

From struggling to find what to put before their stomachs to the extent to afford their basic needs, the situation was tough and daunting but through hard work and not under looking jobs, they figured out how to survive and go to school.

Coming from the slums of Nankulabye, Kiwunya where she resided in a house that had no cement and no power, Spice Diana and her mother did all they could to beat the odds and live a better life that many of you see her enjoying today.

While narrating her schooling journey, Spice Diana disclosed how she was sexually harassed by one of her teachers whom she had gone to share with her school fees challenges she was facing since her chances of doing her S.4 finals exam where bleak.

She openly told one of the male teachers who offered to assist her but later, the teacher proposed that she turns out to be her lover and would often send her notes requesting to sleep with her.

In the process, the teacher had told Spice Diana to tell her mother that since at school there were students being sponsored by the whites, to tell her that she had also got a sponsor who had covered her school fees.

When the pressure for asking her for sex plied, Spice Diana took a break from schooling and would spend the day at their shop in Nankulabye just to pass time and pretend to be busy.

Her mother, however, threatened to go to her school to ask the teachers to allow her study as would look for school fees. But before her mother would go to school, she got a thought and gathered all small notes that the teacher was sending her through her classmates who resided in Nankulabye and approached him direct.

When she approached him with the small notes, she threatened the teacher that she would report him to the authority for pestering her for sex something that the teacher didn’t take lightly and Spice Diana set him tough conditions on which she was able to seat for S.4 Exams and her little sibling to study until she left the school after doing her form four finals.

She adds that she one time met the teacher at Makerere Campus while she was driving and the teacher was footing and held a light chat before they took separate paths.