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The Music Industry Is Now Set Free – Ray G Declares After Sold Out Concert

Ray G dancing to his performance

On Friday 10th of May 2024, singer Ray G, legally known as Reagan Muhairwe, held a highly successful show when he made a statement by shutting down Lugogo Cricket Oval at his second concert in Kampala. 

The mammoth reveler turn-up at his “Ray G Live In Concert” show broke his chains of being described as a regional musician (Western Artist) and got his name written in the history books of artists to have ever held sold-out shows at one of the biggest events venues in Kampala. 

Despite the claims that he might have fetched the revelers from his home area (West) to fill the show, the overall goal is that the show was a total success. 

Following the amazing reveler turn-out, the “Let It Be” singer bragged about how he had officially let the music industry free in some of his statements on the night. He stated that showing him love meant that the music industry has now been set free as he reminded the crowd about the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown saying there has been a total shutdown.

“Thank you Thank you so much for the love and support you have shown me. The music industry has now been set free. Do you remember the 2020 COVID-19 total lockdown? This has been a total shutdown”, Ray G 

Attendees at his show showed up as early as mid-day and by 5 PM the venue had already registered an overwhelming concertgoers who grooved to music mixes from DJs and performances from other artists.

At 9 PM, Ray G performed his hit songs and the crowd was very engaged, with many cheering him up. The concert was a significant milestone for Ray G.

The show was his second since 2022 when he held one at the Imperial Royal Hotel in Kampala that was organized by Alex Muhangi and also sold out. 

Congratulations Ray G!!