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Dax Vibez denies rumors of Bobi Wine and Alien Skin beef, highlights Bobi Wine’s fatherly role

Ivan Bugembe Ssentamu Dax Vibez

Singer Dax Vibez, legally known as Ivan Bugembe Sentamu, has denied rumors that suggest that Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin beefs with singer-cum-politician Bobi Wine.

He explains that there has never been any beef between the two and that Bobi Wine considers Alien Skin as his child.

Dax Vibez also notes that Bobi Wine is a father figure to many artists in Ugandan showbiz. He further explains that Alien Skin sometimes makes statements that are not out of his will due to how far some media personalities push him.

“There is no beef between Bobi Wine and Alien Skin. Bobi considers Alien Skin as his child and that’s why he even posted about him saying he is a star in the making. He is a father figure to many in dancehall. Alien Skin loves and likes Bobi Wine in disguise. He may not know that he likes him but the truth is that he does so if you’re to look at the way he conducts himself. I can him and if you see his vibe. Don’t take what he says, just take what he does, and you will realize”, Dax Vibez.

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Alien Skin, born Patrick Mulwana is one of the highly controversial artists in the music industry. It is quite hard to mention his name without being accompanied by a controversy. 

Over the weekend, he was reported to have been denied the UK and Canada visas over his ill-mannered behavior as he was accused of assaulting Galaxy FM and Spark TV’s present Evelyn Masika a.k.a Evelyn Mic at the Galaxy Zzina Carnival event that happened a few weeks back. 

This very week, he again grabbed news headlines when an event promoter accused him of theft and assault when he disclosed that he had been assaulted by the singer at his base.