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A Pass hits back At DJ Nimrod concerning his music album

A Pass Alex Bagonza

Musician Alexander Bagonza also known as A Pass has responded to criticism from deejay and radio presenter Nimrod about his new album. He said he understands the reason why he doesn’t enjoy it but he shouldn’t be saying anything about it in public.

This is because he doesn’t know how people sit while recording music.

A Pass released his 45-track album months ago. Ever since it was released, none of the songs have gone viral like his other songs.

On top of that, his music can’t be released on TikTok because of copyright law which adds to why his album hasn’t been successful for the time he released it.

DJ Nimrod had commented about the album saying it doesn’t make sense. He claims that all the songs on that album are not as good as the old songs of A Pass.

According to the singer, some Ugandans think that their opinions matter so much when they don’t. A Pass said that when he was recusing his album, he didn’t ask anyone for permission or even advice on whether he could or could not record the songs.

He said he recorded the music with an aim. The singer revealed that people like DJ Nimrod are not his target audience. This is why they are not supposed to like the music he released.

“I don’t know why Ugandans think their opinions matter so much in people’s careers. People like DJ Nimrod are not my class and they are not my target audience,”

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