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Acidic Vokoz says his hit single ‘Last Chance’ was out of frustration

Acidic Vokoz of Mama Baba Entertainment

Acidic Vokoz, a 24-year-old singer from Mama Baba Entertainment, revealed that his hit single ‘Last Chance’ was inspired by his frustration with the music industry.

He had faced rejection and criticism from people who didn’t believe he was fit to be a star, and the song was his last attempt at pursuing music.

The song was not about a relationship affair, but rather about his frustration with the industry.

He adds that he would admire some of his friends who had by then hit the limelight since they would purchase good phones and afford a much better-improved lifestyle than his. 

“Composing the ‘Last Chance’ song, many believe that I was singing about a relationship affair thinking that I was dumped but the reality is I was singing about a real-life situation I had gone through in the music industry. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, I composed that song saying if it doesn’t work out, It would be my end in trying to do music. I was feeling frustrated because I had people who always made me lose hope and faith in music as they would degrade me saying I wasn’t fit to be one of the stars in Kampala. My friends would get hit songs and buy cars and new phones which I admired as I stayed footing and boarding boda-bodas”, Acidic Vokoz 

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Since he dropped the song and became a hit, Acidic Vokoz is now living the dream he only fancied and he is grateful to God for the team he is working with that has seen him elevate to a new high. 

He is one of the new talents who is turning crowds heads whenever he hits the stage to perform for different audiences at different venues in Uganda and wherever he goes, he makes sure that the revelers eat from his palm. 

He is destined for greater success since he is a talented vocalist and loves what he does since that is where his passion is.