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Ugaboy Africa speaks out against racism in music industry, highlights challenges for artists to expand beyond their regions

Ugaboy Africa new duo in town

Ugaboy Africa, an Afro-dance recording and performing duo, has claimed that there is a lot of racism in the music industry, with promoters creating barriers for artists to cross from one region to another.

The duo also advised fellow Ugandan artists not to sing in Luganda so directly, as it makes it easy for people to identify their origin.

Ugaboy Africa boasted about their versatility in doing the Afro-gamble music style, which allows them to sound similar to Kenyan, Nigerian, and Rwandan music.

“Afro-dancehall artists, we can sing Luganda but on a continental sound and you typically can’t tell where we coming from. Then that is the worst thing many artists are doing because they tell where they’re coming from which is very wrong. There is racism in music and it has emerged fully which is why some promoters can’t allow some artists to penetrate other markets. They always put barriers. Some artists are good but can’t perform beyond their regions because promoters that side don’t allow them to perform in their regions”, Ugaboy commented during an interview

The duo is known for songs such as “Salary”, “Cheater”, “Namulabako”, “Kuchakala”, and “Nteredde” the jams that have helped them establish their brand on the entertainment scene. 

They are not about to stop very soon because their vision is to be global stars and hope to rub shoulders with the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Tiwa Savage while performing on continental stages. 

The pair highly believe that their Afro-gamble style of music will see them achieve their goal a few years from now.