Home Gossip Aroma claims Chosen Becky insulted her for texting her husband, Dictator Amir

Aroma claims Chosen Becky insulted her for texting her husband, Dictator Amir

Aroma Music

Singer Aroma Kyavaerimukama a.k.a Aroma Music has shared about her silent feud with gifted vocalist Rebecca Kwikiriza, publicly known as Chosen Becky.

Chosen Becky, known for her playful character on TikTok and being one of the most humble artists, also has a no-go zone.

Singer Aroma is one of the public figures to have faced Chosen Becky’s wrath when she took to her phone and sent text messages to her husband and baby daddy, Dictator Amir.

The trouble came about when Chosen Becky and Aroma hit the studios to record a song titled “New Comer” and after releasing the song, a disagreement ensued on grounds the two camps failed to come to terms with matters concerning the song distribution on online platforms.

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Aroma claims Chosen Becky uploaded the song on her personal YouTube channel against their agreement and when she tried reaching her, she instead insulted her and even blocked her from contacting her on any platform.

Having failed to reach her, Aroma thought of seeking help from Chosen Becky’s manager who also doubles as her husband and when Becky learned of the move, she again insulted and blocked her on all numbers, even those of her husband and manager Dictator Amir.

Speaking out in an interview, the “Yoola” singer expressed her disappointment towards her colleague, Chosen Becky for being unprofessional even at the peak of their collaboration.

In response, the enraged Chosen Becky sent Aroma a voice note warning her to stay away from her partner before blocking her, leading to their bitter fallout.