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A Pass accuses fellow artists of practicing witchcraft

A Pass Bagonza Alexander

Singer Alexander Bagonza, known by the stage name A Pass, opened up about why he stopped inviting fellow artists to his home.

Speaking in an interview, A Pass accused fellow artists of practicing witchcraft something that he said forced him to bar musicians from visiting his home.

Besides just being his home, it is also where Bagonza built his music studio since he is also a music producer.

Acknowledging the allegations, A Pass affirmed his decision, citing apprehension over the use of traditional African chemistry by some artists, which he fears might adversely affect him.

The “Tuli Kubigerere” singer adds that he wants to stay safe from all the dirty deeds of fellow artists and progress pretty well in his career.

” I no longer let artists come to my place because most of them engage in Witchcraft, I want to stay safe that’s why I don’t allow them to come over”, he said.

A Pass is not the first artiste to complain about witchcraft in the music industry. Goodlyfe singers called Jeff Kiwa a witch while Henry Tigan blamed Suudi man for his woes.

The act of practicing witchcraft in the Ugandan showbiz has long been said to date from the first artists who came before the 2000s generation to date.

A Pass has this week dominated the news following his dispute with DJ Nimrod and Lil Pazo over their exchange of words on who has trending songs.

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