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Christian couple Linc and Veve sing their souls out on “I Found Love”

Linc x Vee on "I Found Love"

I guess their quite many individuals out there that have not yet crossed paths with this Christian couple Lincoln and Yvette Murangira, also known as Linc and Veve. As well there those who have got to notice them.

The amazing news is that this couple is highly blessed and gifted. Their union, without a doubt is a match made in heaven.

Linc and Veve can sing and this has been proven on the several jams they have released in the past couple of years as they shared happiness and celebrated their love life and romance.

The pair has a new jam “I FOUND LOVE” which is sweet and cool to listen too since it inspires everyone out their to find someone to love. According to them, the song is meant for sharing and communicating love.

Linc x Vee on I found Love

“We pray that everybody experiences love and the joy that it brings”, Linc and Veve

The couple that hails from Kampala, Uganda is looking forward to entertain and inspire through love, life, music, and laughter. They also celebrate their friendship and love through music.

Here are some key points about the couple:

– Music Journey: They started their musical journey around 2021 and have released a couple of songs.

– Musical Style: Easy listen.

They are known for adding pleasant musical tunes to their relationship.

– Song: One of their popular songs is “I FOUND LOVE ” which showcases their love and bond.
– Visuals: The visuals of their song “In Your Arms” feature the couple celebrating their love and friendship.

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