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Singer and songwriter Bea Trice set to drop debut EP

Bea Trice singer songwriter

Gifted singer and songwriter Bea Trice has a wonderful song she released about two months ago that praises God for the good things HE has done in her life.

Listening to the song word-for-word is about feeling uprooted and lost. Diving deep into its lyrics, one feels the Lord is calling you by your name at the horizon. This brings hope, joy, and courage into your life to make further steps forward into a fulfilled and happy life.

Bea Trice Brief Bio

Bea Trice is a singer-songwriter from Zürich. Music was at the center of Bea Trice’s life from a very early age.

Deciding to take music seriously, Bea Trice explains that she was influenced by the ’70s and 80’s music styles. The fact that she was gifted her first guitar at the age of 12, forced her to enroll for piano and flute lessons for several years and later on mastered the art.

At a later stage, she decided to develop her skills by taking solo singing lessons at the Voice + Music Academy Zürich (VMAZ) with Lisa Hiestand.

Bea Trice singer, songwiter from Zurich

To bring her passion to the next level she joined a singing masterclass at the Voice + Music Academy Zurich (VMAZ) and wrote her first original song.

On April 16, 2023, Bea Trice released her first song titled “Open Heart“. The song was her dedication, to open her heart towards God and His wonderful creation is the most important to get a fulfilled and happy life.

On October 22, 2023, she released her second song “Colours”. This song is about God’s spirit and the beautiful colors he sends to Earth that let us feel happy and strong. To believe in God is a great guide in a stormy sea.

On March 22, 2024, she published her first German song “Am Horizont”. You feel uprooted and lost, but God is calling you by your name on the horizon. Thus, you won’t be lost and alone anymore and can go forward into a happy and fulfilled future with God on your side. “Schritt für Schritt in die neue Welt Hinein”.

In autumn 2024 she will publish her first EP. Bea Trice will be pleased to present it at a concert.

Listen to her latest project in the link below;