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Bobi Wine and Nubian Li Emphasize The Need of “Man & Woman” For Each Other

Bobi Wine and Nubian Li looking smart
Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

Firebase crew musicians Bobi Wine and Nubian Li have shared the visuals to their newest song dubbed “Man & Woman” emphasizing the need for each other.

In a continuation to their 2007 hit song “Adam Ne Kaawa” which they termed as part one, this fresh jam “Man & Woman” acts as part 2 on which they express how it feels sweet and nice to be in a relationship with the opposite sex.

The song points out how every woman needs a man just similar to how the plan was in the Garden of Eden during the creation of Earth as set by the Most High.

Based on the caption added by Nubian Li to the song, he says;

“In our ever-evolving world, the era of rigid gender roles and stereotypes has passed. Men and women working hand in hand, recognizing each other’s unique strengths and contributions, create a stronger, more inclusive society. Let’s embrace this cool vibe of everyone sharing responsibilities and leading together. What a man can do, a woman can do! “

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The song was released to shut down reports that alleged the singer (Bobi Wine) supports same-sex relationships and had to do whatever is possible to silence his critics which he did best in this new jam.

Listening to the jam, he further highlights how he feels glad chilling out with his wife at the beach or even in public gatherings while clad in matching outfits.

The colorful visuals directed by Edrine Paul are quite entertaining. Take a gaze: