Home News VIDEO ALERT| Singer J’Calm Shares “Easy” Visuals

VIDEO ALERT| Singer J’Calm Shares “Easy” Visuals


Up-and-rising Singer, Songwriter, and Producer J’Calm is looking forward to leaving an impact on the Jamaican music industry.

J’Calm has big dreams as big as the ocean between his homeland Clarendon, Jamaica, and America where he visions himself to be in the few years to come.

The 18-year-old singer artfully balances quite several music genres including reggae bounce, Island swagger, R&B grooves, and Pop appeal, a blend that has helped him introduce himself with a striking signature style.


J’calm has loved music since his tender age whereby he would join his elder brothers, aunts, and parents and gather around a small computer to watch music videos for singers such as Ne-yo, Chris Brown, and Rihanna.

Rising singer J'Çalm up to dropping a new song
singer J’Çalm

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This made him fall in love with R&B and now he is an independent artist and has gone on to release several single projects including; “Call My Name” which commands over two million streams.

At the moment, he has a new single he dropped recently that is dubbed “Easy”. Take a gaze at the music video below;

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Shortly he will be a star to reckon with.