Home News Patrick Salvado’s father passes away, expresses loss and gratitude

Patrick Salvado’s father passes away, expresses loss and gratitude

Patrick Salvador and his late dad

Comedian Patrick Salvado is mourning the passing of his father, who battled a strange illness.

His dad breathed his last in the wee hours of Monday morning and took to his X Platform to share with the world the sad news. 

Salvador thanked his father for not stopping him from pursuing comedy and for watching him make other people happy.

The cause of his father’s passing and burial arrangements are yet to be made public.

Patrick Salvado sharing a moment with his dad before his passing
Patrick Salvado and his late dad

“I’ve been performing through pain since last year but it’s the only thing that kept me going .. seeing other people happy, my dad loved watching me make other people happy, I’ll forever be grateful for his approval when I told him I was quitting Engineering for Comedy .. he’s answer “As long as it makes you happy” – RIP my superman”

When the details concerning the burial of Salvado’s dad are shared, we shall let you know about the updates. 

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Salvado is a fully established comedian who has served the comedy industry diligently for more than 15 years now. 

He has been on top of his ever since he ditched Engineering for comedy and has inspired several individuals to join the comedy industry.

The comedian and his late dad have been great friends for all this time long and shared a great bond and relationship that was unmatched. 

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May His Father’s Soul Rest In Peace!! 

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