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I Can Do Better Than Sheebah – Ava Peace

Ava Peace looking stunningly hot
Ava Peace looking stunningly hot

Former DCM Empire singer Namugonza Maureen Peace, better known by the stage name Ava Peace, is confident that if she works hard she could be better than former TNS singer Sheebah Karungi.

She expressed her confidence during an interview she had on Galaxy FM as she responded to a question at which the presenter asked her to give her view following a post that Sheebah posted claiming that a record label is looking forward to creating another person of her stature.

The 24-year-old noted that the fans were the ones who raised her name before she went on to state that no one can ever be Sheebah or Queen Sheebah but stamped her remark by expressing that she can even be better than her.

“If everyone was suggesting my name, then that was them and not me. No one can ever be Sheebah and it’s only Sheebah. She is the only Queen, I can never be ‘Queen Sheebah’. I can even do better than Sheebah”, Ava Peace. 

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Ava Peace’s last statements about Sheebah claiming she could be better than her left the fans and other listeners plus the presenters blown away as they wouldn’t expect a statement to come out of her.

The statement meant that Ava Peace is somehow finding a big footing on the Ugandan entertainment scene since she has so far dropped a couple of good jams that are getting the desired airplay.


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