Home News Singer Kapa Cat faces rent struggle, returns to parent’s home

Singer Kapa Cat faces rent struggle, returns to parent’s home

Kapa Cat on stage entertaining fans
Kapa Cat on stage

Singer Catherine Tumusiime, better known as Kapa Cat, has reportedly moved back to her parent’s home after failing to afford rent. She decided to move back following a rent crisis that she is said to have been facing for a couple of months.

Her decision to move back to her parent’s home is a wise one to avoid being thrown out of her rental and facing embarrassment in the media just like we have seen some public figures. 

When asked about the issue of moving back to her parent’s home, the “Sifayo” singer did not directly respond to the question as she also fired back at the reporter asking him how sure is he about the matter. 

She later sent out an insult to the reporter and stormed out of the camera immediately something that left many hanging in the balance believing that it was true that she moved back to her parent’s home.

When Kapa Cat was nursing a strange illness that had attacked her
Kapa Cat on a wheelchair

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Meanwhile, singer Lilian Mbabzi is facing legal action for rent arrears of Shs16.2m following the fact that her former landlord dragged her to courts of law demanding payment for accumulated rent arrears over six months.

The good news is that one of her fans based in the UK Jalia Walde pledged to help her clear the bill, but no update has been provided yet about settling the huge debt.