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Sheebah Has An 80% Upper Hand To Win The Battle – Bushington


Renowned talent manager, sound engineer, entertainment critic, and music producer George Kagoda alias Bushington has weighed in on the looming music battle between Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu.

Based on Bushington’s elaboration, he believes that music battles are especially won by two factors which are key including content and execution.

He stresses that most battles are won by someone with a lot of musical content and with good execution.

In his explanation, he noted that Sheebah Karungi stands an 80% chance of winning the battle if her team plays a job well done.

Kagoda a.k.a Bushington
Kagoda a.k.a Bushington

“I will be honest and according to the way I know music battles, Sheebah has the upper hand to beat Cindy Sanyu on this one. Cindy’s energy is in her vocals and execution especially. In a battle, the content and execution are key. Sheebah has an 80% chance of winning the battle because of her music catalog”, Kagoda Bushington.

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He went ahead to note that there very many other issues at hand that could be at the center of someone winning a battle which have to be considered.

Bushington explained that if Sheebah could take some good time to rehearse with her team well, with the music catalog she has, she could mercilessly beat Cindy hands down.

He also disclosed that Cindy Sanyu, can’t use the given period to release 50 hit songs so that leaves her in a deep hole of danger.

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