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Bobi Wine, Barbie Kyagulanyi Mark 20th Relationship Anniversary


Renowned celebrity power couple Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyangulanyi is today celebrating their 20th relationship anniversary.

Every year, the I6th of February always rings fresh memories in their relationship as each recalls it for being the day they said “Yes” to each other.

The pair met at National theatre during a drama play and from that day onwards the rest became history.

Since the couple uttered sweet-words to each other in 2002 on the same day, today marks exactly 20 years when they decided to spend the rest of their life together

Below is Bobi Wine’s lengthy letter as he narrates how the two met and fell in love with one another.

“On this 16th day of February in 2002 at the National theatre, I whispered my first words into your ears.
I told you my story, my fears and my hopes and I asked you to trust me. You didn’t say no and you didn’t say yes, you just held my hand and took me for a walk.
That day we walked holding hands along the Parliamentary Avenue as I escorted you to get a taxi to Nsambya. We have since walked hand in hand through my ghetto life, through the street fights, the nightclub brawls and also faced life threatening situations together but you have never let my hand go. From girlfriend to bestfriend to wife and now to #ComradeHoney. Only God knows where we are going but one thing am sure of, where ever we’ll go, we’ll be together.
Dr Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare wrote that play ‘Lady, will you marry me?’ and cast me to act as President and you as the first lady but little did she know that was fulfilling a prophesy. As we acted on stage, deep inside I meant every single word in my lines. No wonder I brought out the character perfectly. It was a love affair conceived in art and born on stage.
It was not love at first sight, it grew and still growing.
Long story short, it is 20 years today and and you are still my heartbeat. I promised that you will never have to share me and so far am still doing good on that.
A very happy anniversary to you my love.
It’s been one hell of a ride!”, Bobi Wine