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Zari Hassan Maintain Her Lover Shakib Is Her Everything

Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya

Renowned businesswoman Zari Hassan TheBossLady has bragged about how she got deep affection and love for her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya by saying he is her everything.

The mother of five boasted about being one of the luckiest women on the planet stressing that finding a loving and caring husband like Shakib is tough.

The socialite’s first public relationship was with the late lover, Ivan Semwanga with whom they gave birth to three children. In all the relationships Zari was involved in, including the one with Diamond Platnumz, she never legalized any of the partners she was with apart from her recent one with Shakib.

According to Zari, at the beginning of their relationship, everyone was criticizing them and saying they would not even last for months together. As a person, she had some fear too but her husband proved to everyone and her that he was the best she could find.

The socialite said she doesn’t do anything without telling Shakib as his opinion matters. He also can’t let her do something that will not benefit her growth.

“I love my husband so much and my husband is my everything. We do everything together and he advises me on everything. I can’t do anything without hearing from him what he has to say about it,” she said.

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It should be noted the couple had some wrangles a few months ago. This stemmed from the pictures that were posted on social media of Zari with her ex-baby daddy Diamond Platinumz.

This rift was also fueled by media speculations that she was cheating on him