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Sheebah Karungi Reportedly Four Months Pregnant

Sheebah Karungi pregas

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer Sheebah Samali Karungi is reportedly four months pregnant basing a source who revealed the details to Kasuku.

Kasuku hinted that come September or October, the “Nkwatako” singer might not be available for bookings.

“I got the news that Sheebah Karungi is pregnant. My source told me that she won’t be taking any bookings in September or October. On her social media pages, she is posting old photos. My source claims she is four months pregnant and we await to see”, Kasuku

He further claimed that his source who tipped him with information on Sheebah’s pregnancy is the same source who has always been giving him hints of previous pregnancies that he has always let the nation know about.

Kasuku disclosed that his source is the one that tipped about Faridah Nakazibwe’s pregnancy, Precious Remmie, and Momo19 which has all come to materialize.

It should be recalled that some months back, the rumor spread that Sheebah was pregnant, but she came out to dispel the reports when revealed that her stomach bulge was a result of bloating, a condition that happens to women often.

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In that particular interview, she even asked netizens to “get out of my her ovaries” while speaking with Sanyuka TV before noting that she would give birth when she decided to.

We wait to see whether Sheebah will come again and water down the reports like she did in the past allegations.

If all turns out to be true, we congratulate her in advance!