Home Gossip Cindy Sanyu dismisses diss rumors in Yung Mulo and Sheebah’s ‘Sipimika’ remix

Cindy Sanyu dismisses diss rumors in Yung Mulo and Sheebah’s ‘Sipimika’ remix

Yung Mulo and Sheebah Sipimika video shoot

Singer Cindy Sanyu has poured cold water on allegations that she was dissed in Yung Mulo and Sheebah Karungi’s “Sipimika” remix that the pair released a couple of weeks ago. 

While listening to the song, especially Sheebah’s verse, critics suggested that the lines Sheebah Karungi belted out were hitting at her rivals Cindy Sanyu and Spice Diana.

When reporters landed the opportunity to interview Cindy Sanyu to get her comment about the song, she refuted claims that suggested that in the song, Sheebah was hitting at her. 

She reasoned that she had listened to the song and she found no line where Sheebah mentioned her name which to her reasoning, did not think Sheebah was referencing her. She thus found no cause why she should be out there clashing with the former TNS singer.

Cindy Sanyu has since urged critics to stop creating a conflict between her and Sheebah before she commended Sheebah and Yung Mulo for their work on the project and rather requested critics to let the song move on its own. 

Spice Diana is also yet to give her view about the song as she is also rumored to have been dissed but we shall get her side of view when we speak to her anytime we get to interview her. 

Spice Diana and Cindy Sanyu are known to be sworn enemies of Sheebah Karungi following the fact that it is quite difficult to find the trio agreeing on the same thing as they usually have bickering between one another.